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Trailer Equipment

Your one-stop shop for new, used and rental trailers.
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Trailer Equipment, Inc. is West Michigan's leading supplier of major brand trailers for sale or lease. In addition to sales and rentals, we specialize in routine maintenance and rebuilding highly damaged equipment to meet the original manufacturer's specifications. We offer a complete inventory of parts and 24-hour emergency service. We have everything you need to put your trailer on the road and keep it there: Iiftgates, side doors, roll-ups and more.

Trailer Equipment, Inc. been here for all your trailer needs for more than 20 years. We've seen the industry change and products improve. As technology and construction processes have advanced, we have changed as well, investing in technology to keep your operation efficient.

Today's trailer is not just a box or platform that hauls freight but a highly sophisticated system designed to meet specific needs. As such, they need to be maintained by professionals who understand how they are made - and what is needed to keep them in top running order.

Trailer Equipment Inc. | 1701 Steele Avenue SW Grand Rapids, MI 49507 | 800.320.5972

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